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Natural Stain Remover

Lemongrass Scent 400 ml

Clinically tested, certified non-irritation by Dermscan Asia

Global patents issued for our pineapple fermentation technology across the world

Our products are Environmental friendly, and certified biodegradable by Thailand Textile Institute


To deal with stubborn stains efficiently, our Natural Stain Remover is the go-to product. It is non-irritation certified and, free of known allergens and hazardous chemicals such as Hypochlorite or Hydrogen peroxide. The product does not harm the fibers of your fabric and can be used on both white and colored materials. It’s extremely easy to use to remove tough stains like blood, Ink, coffee, chocolate, fruit berries, sweat, wine and sauce.


Fermented fruit fluid


Sodium lauryl sulfate (plant based)

Alkyl polyglycoside

Sodium citrate


Sodium Polyaspartate

Lactic acid

Natural essential oil (Lemongrass oil, Lemon oil)

Natural preservative


For laundry
Step 1: Spray directly onto spot or stain until saturated.
Step 2: Rub into fabric and let stand for up to 10 minutes depending on the stain’s severity.
Step 3: Wash normally.

For upholstery (only suitable for water-washable upholstery)
Step 1: Spray onto a clean white towel.
Step 2: Use towel to blot out the stain.
Step 3: Dampen a clean white towel with water.
Step 4: Blot area to rinse.

For kitchen/bathroom
Step 1: Spray onto soiled area.
Step 2: Wipe clean.
Step 3: Rinse well.

For best results, treat stains while they’re still fresh, and do not let dry on fabric.

Tougher stains may require longer penetration or additional applications.