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Pipper Standard Our family’s standard

The concept for Pipper Standard began in 2010, when our founder, Peter Wainman, had a severe allergic reaction to chemicals used in cleaning products found in Asia. Peter and his wife decided to replace the chemical cleaning products in their home with natural products. They could not find any products in the market that met their quality standard of being truly natural, free of known allergens, and which could still clean comparable to chemical cleaning products. As a result, they decided to make their own.
After extensive research and develop, we successfully invented a unique pineapple fermentation process that yields a highly effective cleaning fermented pineapple fluid full of natural organic acids, natural enzymes, biosurfactants, and natural preservatives to be used as the base of all of our cleaning products-Pineapple Power!


At Pipper Standard, we believe “A Healthy Environment Starts At Home”
Our Brand NameIn searching for a brand name, we wanted to create a name that fully encompassed our core beliefs and values.  We landed on Pipper Standard, which marries “Pipper”, Peter’s childhood nickname and represents our family values, and “Standard”, a nod to our uncompromising standards for quality.


Pipper Standard officially launched in Thailand in 2015, offering range of natural, powerful, and safe cleaning products to customers, and is now available in 17 countries across Asia.

From those suffering from allergies, to parents looking to protect their children, to the health and environmentally conscious, Pipper Standard has become a trusted brand for customers across Asia.