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Cleaning the house and doing the laundry are one thing, but our products are about more than that.
They’re about love – simple, honest love for our home and yours.

All our products are safe, and carefully created with natural ingredients,
so that your home will be filled with nothing but good.

Pineapple Power

We rely on nature to take care of dirt and dust – more specifically, on the power of pineapple as a natural ingredient. In fact, our products clean just as well, or even better, than chemical cleaners. So, say goodbye to harmful chemical ingredientThe reason for this, is our fermentation technology. It brings out the power of pineapples, to form natural enzymes that fight against naughty stains and stubborn dirt, to keep your homes always safe for you.

Safe for Babies

We love your little ones, and the last thing we want is for any harm to come to them. That’s why we’ve taken great care to make products that are suitable for your baby’s needs. They’re gentle, with great cleaning power that’ll make all those stains and spills go POOF.

Healthy and allergen-free

Those pesky allergies! We don’t like them too, but unfortunately, in today’s world , more and more of us are facing them.So, we’re proud to share that our products are completely free of known allergens and harmful skin irritants. Better yet, we don’t have any of the bad stuff like parabens and isothiazolinones. We’re made for sensitive skin, and we always will be.


Using products that are safe for your skin does more than keep skin rashes and eczema away. It keeps your home safe, so that everyone from your nature-loving neighbor, to your sensitive-skinned toddler feels good, in a clean and healthy environment.

Natural in every way

Because of our natural fermentation process , our product’s ingredients tend to separate, when left in the bottle for long. As a result, there could be sediments or coloring of the liquid. While there’s nothing harmful about that at all, we’re still doing everything we can to improve our formula. This is because we want to do more than make our product safe: we want it to be a completely pleasant experience for you. For best results, don’t forget to shake the bottle before using it.

Explore our home

Going back to nature has always been part of our DNA, and until today, we remain very close to our roots. All our products are made with healthy ingredients that are cared for in wonderfully natural conditions. We work with growers we trust, all of whom share the same goals as us when it comes to high quality production and family values. These farms from all around Thailand are home to our key ingredient: pineapples, and it’s where all the goodness in our products come from.