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Expat Entrepreneur Award

admin October 25, 2019 0 comments
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[stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]Peter N. Wainman, Founder and CEO of the brand Pipper Standard, was awarded the Expat Entrepreneur of the Year for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Thailand International Business Awards 2019. This award, presented in conjunction with the British Chamber of Commerce Thailand, represents the positive social and environmental impact Pipper Standard natural products have made in Thailand.[/stockie_text][stockie_text text_typo=”font_size~16||line_height~30||weight~inherit”]This award adds to the collection of accolades received by Equator Pure Nature, the company behind the Pipper Standard brand, that focus on natural products, environmental friendliness, and corporate social responsibility. This includes the Agri Plus award (Thailand), the All Natural Excellency Award (India), the Asia Corporate Excellency and Sustainability “Responsible SME” award (Singapore), and Most Environmentally Sustainable Business award (Thailand), among others. The company views its entire purpose as corporate social responsibility.[/stockie_text]

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